Suzanne Collins Talks About ‘The Hunger Games,’ the Books and the Movies

Katniss Everdeen is the main protagonist and the narrator of the Hunger Games trilogy. After her younger sister, Primrose , was reaped to participate in the 74th Hunger Games , Katniss volunteered to take her place as the female tribute from District This action set in motion the events of the entire series. Katniss’s father was a miner and illegal hunter who traded on the black market in District Her mother is a healer, the daughter of the town Apothecary owners. Katniss’s younger sister is Primrose , who is four years younger than she is.

Katniss Everdeen

If you thought the U. Bureau of Labor Statistics was boring, just look at how pop culturally relevant they’ve become with their latest blog post. Although the latest Hunger Games movie came out months ago , the Bureau took its own data on employment based on industries, occupation, employment numbers and geography to figure out the eternal question of how the dystopian future country of Panem from the book and film series lines up with the real U.

Take Hunger Games lead character Katniss Everdeen (played by Jennifer Lawrence in the movies). She lives in the fictional District 12 where.

Three more movies followed, and a fanbase was born. As with any book, movie, or television show, parallels can be drawn between the plot of the work of fiction and real life. Note: There may be spoilers in the text below. If you plan on reading the books or seeing the movies, you may want to exit out of this browser window super quickly before anything gets ruined! The other kids make way immediately allowing me a straight path to the stage. I reach her just as she is about to mount the steps.

With one sweep of my arm, I push her behind me. Surely, there must be one sponsor willing to take me on! And with a little extra help, some food, the right weapon, why should I count myself out of the Games? At least for me. District 12 only has three existing victors to choose from. Two male.

Session 3.2: The Food and Hunger behind “The Hunger Games”

Katniss, the story’s narrator and heroine, is 16 years old and has straight black hair, gray eyes, and olive skin. Her father died in a mine explosion when she is Since then, to keep her family from starving in the Seam, she has had to provide for her mother and sister, using the hunting and gathering knowledge that her father taught her.

While not an actual ballad sung in the book (though there are plenty The two become entwined in each other’s lives and begin to ponder a future together. The murder ballad, which Katniss Everdeen learns from her father.

Welcome to the latest edition of The Hunger Games: Mockingjay, Part 2 spoilers — via the books and, most likely, the upcoming film. I’ll be your host for the duration of this segment, as I’ve already covered Haymitch’s ending as well as Mrs. Everdeen’s story finale — so let’s get this party started concerning the biggest question of them all: does Katniss choose Peeta or Gale in Mockingjay?

The finale of the series hits theaters Nov. When you put the choice that way without context, it’s easy to mistake Katniss’ love life as a Twilight scenario. But Katniss is no Bella, and there are no stalker vampires or wolves that creepily fall in love with anyone’s daughter here. If I can put on my literary interpretation hat on for a sec, I think that throwing a romance plot into the Hunger Games despite the not-so-romantic backdrop of the story , was meant to highlight major changes and development with Katniss’ character throughout the series — and it did so really well.

Let’s talk about Gale played by Liam Hemsworth in the movies , who first meets Katniss while hunting in the woods. The fact that they both lost their fathers in the same coal mining explosion is a tragedy that likens them to one another, making it all the easier to form a bond and become besties. Hell, Gale and Katniss even discuss possibly running away together as a means of escaping the reaping.

The ending of The Hunger Games explained

You are not supposed to pick Gale. Peeta gets more time on the page and onscreen than Gale played by Liam Hemsworth , especially in the first installment. He also really, really loves Katniss, despite her indifference, and he talks about it constantly. Please hear me out.

Haymitch asks Katniss and Peeta if they want to train together or separately, in case Some of them, called Career Tributes, train all their lives to compete in the​.

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Sign up for our email newsletter for the latest science news. This article originally appeared on Dr. At home, Katniss has a boyfriend, a young man named Gale. Both Katniss and Gale fight against the system in their own way which is increasingly seen as the trilogy continues , and he is always successful at making Katniss feel comforted in a world with no comforts. So why does Katniss later fall for Peeta?

Sure, in the first movie she is ambivalent about her feelings for Peeta, the kind-hearted boy with a sexy baby-faced look. One of the bridges was low and sturdy — very safe. Whenever a man would cross one of these bridges, the woman would pretend to be interested in their answers to a series of questions. But the study was really all about whether the men would be physically attracted to the woman, which the researchers measured by recording how many of the male bridge-crossers called the woman later.

You can probably predict what happened in this study: More men called the woman from the group that had crossed the shaky, scary bridge.

It’s Official: Hollywood Actresses Love Katniss Everdeen As Much As We Do

Joy , the new collaboration between director David O. Russell and muse Jennifer Lawrence , tells the story of entrepreneur Joy Mangano , a woman who went from not being able to pay her bills to building a multimillion-dollar business after inventing the Miracle Mop. As always, Lawrence gives a bravura performance as the divorced mother of two whose invention pulls her family from the brink of bankruptcy to financial success.

When the trailer for Joy was released earlier this year, many argued that she was, in fact, way too young to be playing Mangano, who was 34 when she invented the Miracle Mop. In fact, on-screen, Lawrence is growing up pretty rapidly, one year portraying a teenager in a dystopian future, and the next, a married mother stuck in a bad marriage. While birthdates are never disclosed in the film, Lawrence is supposed to be roughly the same age as McAvoy, then

We all suffered that together,” says Jennifer Lawrence, who plays Katniss Everdeen. Philip Seymour Hoffman and Julianne Moore in a scene.

Katniss and her family come from District 12 , a coal-mining district that is the poorest and least populated district in the dystopian fictional autocratic nation of Panem. In the course of the first book, The Hunger Games , Katniss volunteers to replace her sister, Primrose “Prim” Everdeen , after she is chosen to compete in the Hunger Games , a televised fight to the death. Katniss, following an alliance with Rue, a young tribute from District 11 who reminded Katniss of Prim but died in the arena, joins up with fellow District 12 tribute Peeta Mellark.

The pair compete in the Games together. Katniss uses her knowledge of hunting and archery to survive, and the two become the victors after defying the Capitol’s attempt to force one to kill the other. Throughout the next two novels, Catching Fire and Mockingjay , Katniss becomes a galvanizing symbol of rebellion against the oppressive Capitol. The idea for the trilogy was based in part on the myth of Theseus and the Minotaur , in which each year seven boys and seven girls from Athens are sent to Crete as tributes to that land to be devoured by the Minotaur, a cycle that continues until Theseus kills the Minotaur.

Collins, who heard the story when she was eight years old, was unsettled by its ruthlessness and cruelty. Collins said, “In her own way, Katniss is a futuristic Theseus. In the novels, Katniss is extensively knowledgeable in foraging, wildlife, hunting, and survival techniques. Collins knew some of this background from her father, who grew up in the Great Depression and was forced to hunt to augment a scanty food supply, although Collins saw her father bring home food from the wild during her childhood as well.

In addition, Collins researched the subject using a large stack of wilderness survival guidebooks.

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The two begin as friends but it becomes more complicated as time goes on as it becomes increasingly apparent that Gale has feelings for Katniss. He eventually admits to loving her and the two even share a few kisses, but in the end, Katniss winds up with Peeta because she can’t get past the idea that Gale may have inadvertently caused Prim’s death. Even though the main love interest for Gale was Katniss, it’s possible that he could have wound up dating someone else from the series.

The following list details some of the choices. The majority of fans have a preference between one pairing or the other but what if Katniss wasn’t in the equation? In that case, it’s possible that Peeta and Gale could have been together.

Maybe it’s because I have visited North Korea, a real country where Their personalities clash, their goals in life are different, and Katniss really isn’t for each other due to their experiences together in the Hunger Games.

The series has more than million copies in print worldwide, and spent more than consecutive weeks on The Times best-seller list. The books have spawned four record-breaking films and many Katniss Halloween costumes. In a 10th anniversary edition of the book, which hits stores this month, David Levithan, a vice president and publisher at Scholastic Press, interviewed Collins.

An excerpt from that interview, including potential spoilers , is below, condensed and edited for clarity and length. Suzanne Collins: Yes, I was flipping through the channels one night between reality television programs and actual footage of the Iraq War, when the idea came to me. At the time, I was completing the fifth book in The Underland Chronicles and my brain was shifting to whatever the next project would be.

I knew I wanted to continue to explore writing about just-war theory for young audiences. For the next series, I wanted a completely new world and a different angle into the just-war debate. SC: Just-war theory has evolved over thousands of years in an attempt to define what circumstances give you the moral right to wage war and what is acceptable behavior within that war and its aftermath.

Real-life Katniss Everdeen huntress defends her hobby

B: you and katniss and those like katniss and started dating in hopes that this time. Pistolshrimps has changed his hometown and their way she was split in hopes that life? Fans might have. It’s more about playing katniss and.

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By Kate Lyons. The year-old paramedic, personal trainer and bow-hunter was born in Western Sydney into a ‘hunting family’ and estimates that she first shot a rifle at the age of four. Ms Pisani switched to bow-hunting at the age of 20 and estimates that she has killed more than 40 different species of animals, including pigs, goats, deer, and buffalo, warthog and wildebeest. Christie Pisani has killed more than 40 different species of animals with her bow, since she took up bow-hunting at the age of Her first kill was a goat, which she cooked on camp oven for dinner and her most terrifying moment came when she was charged by a buffalo in the Northern Territory.

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‘The Hunger Games’ on Its 10th Anniversary: Why Katniss Still Matters

Fiction merges with reality when you are a librarian here at Scholastic. What is it about that moment in The Hunger Games? Only 22 pages in, this heroine already had my respect and loyalty. It was small gestures as well that made her three-dimensional, like retrieving the cat and sneaking it into District 13, muttering under her breath. Such a big sister move. Siblings know exactly how to put you at ease.

and, of course, Katniss Everdeen’s ultimate decision between dual love a real place that survived underground despite the Capitol’s insistence that Peeta held them up together to deny the Capitol a victor in the first round, she to the remains of District 12, Katniss’ story ended on a bittersweet note.

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