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Harmony Guitar Identification

Sure, Harmony was always the unashamed brand of the common man, and their affordably priced products were churned out en masse and sold predominantly through the pages of mail order catalogs. In more recent years, noted garage rockers Jack White Rocket electric and Dan Auerbach H78 and StratoTone have championed vintage Harmony axes, as well, drawing a new audience to the long defunct brand.

Some are so skilled that not even the top feats of engineering have been able to approach their touch. Harmony officials say that some of its jobs will never be replaced by machinery. According to a popular software algorithm that translates the handwriting from old U.


Welcome to the gallery of Silvertone guitars from the VintageSilvertones. The instruments are listed in chronological order from left oldest to right more recent. The gallery will continue to grow as we get more Silvertones. The purpose of this gallery is to help identify all the Vintage Silvertone guitars from the ‘s through the early ‘s. We’re major fan of Silvertones and have discovered that there’s a lot of misinformation out there.

Let’s state first that we’re only interested in and writing about electric guitars manufactured from the ‘s through the very early ‘s. We consider this period to be the most significant in the history of vintage electric guitar collecting for these low-end beauties. These companies were called “jobbers” because they were contracted jobbed out to make guitars for Sears. They also produced guitars under their own brand names.

In almost all cases the guitars manufactured for Sears were identical to models sold directly by the manufacturers with only a logo or color change. The early Silvertone electric guitars were made by Harmony and Danelectro, with a few exceptions. Danelectro had been making amplifiers since the ‘s for Sears, Epiphone and it’s own brand. Their manufacturing facility was in Neptune New Jersey. The Dano’s started mainly with the infamous “U” series which had the Lipstick pickups and “Coke-bottle” headstocks.

1940s Harmony Monterey H1327 Vintage Archtop Acoustic Guitar Spruce Maple USA

During its heyday, Harmony accounted for more than half of all guitars built in America each year. Due to this industrial level of production, it is unlikely that even its less common guitars could be called rare. Harmony guitars are not usually mentioned in the same breath as Gibson or Fender and tend to be considered low-grade instruments. While a Harmony guitar may not be worth a fortune, accurately identifying an instrument can be quite satisfying. Harmony began in when Wilhelm J.

and when Harmony model number inside. dating harmony archtop Sitka spruce, The PG Giveaways Other manufacturers introduced electric guitar harmony.

Folkway Music has a new site. Click here to check it out. COM —. Main Photo. His guitars are continually the finest we encounter, both in craftsmanship and tone, and we are especially honored to present his latest Archtop for sale here at Folkway. Please visit www. Hand carved ebony bridge, tailpiece, and pickguard; matching curly Koa neck.

Premium Black Pickguard Bracket For Harmony Airline Kay Archtop Guitar

We all have had them and we all love them. The number of baby boomers who started guitar lessons on a Harmony student guitar was great. They were affordable and quite playable. The student guitars made by the Harmony Guitar Co. Most music stores carried them along with a whole assortment of mail order catalogues.

Q – How can I date my Harmony guitar from the serial number? A – Usually you will They always are on a place easy to read, ie near the f-holes on a archtop.

If you wanted celluloid binding, you ordered the ‘Supertone Quality’ guitar. That would set you back an extra two dollars. We’ve long been fans of round-hole archtop guitars. They sound different, are great for ragtime and blues, and look cool. We date this all original example to c , since it appears in the ’37 catalog, but it could be a few years before or after that date.

The body is solid birch, both top and back pressed into an arch. Top and back sport white-painted binding, and the sound hole is bound in white celluloid. The top has a striking small sunburst with a touch of faux paint to simulate spruce, while the back is done in simulated tiger maple. The neck is likely poplar, and the finger board appears to be ‘ebonized’ maple. The heel is topped with a white celluloid cap. The fancy position markers appear pearl, but are actually sprayed in white.

The bridge appears dark rosewood with adjustment wheels. The neck is carved in a ‘V’, typical of the era. All components of the guitar appear original.

Property From The Estate Of Walter Becker

If you’re a seller, the value is the minimum amount you accept to sell it.. You can check ebay for completed sales for the same model, but value on ebay is not value in a shop or elsewhere, harmony reasons. Outside of a completed transaction, value has no meaning, so please do not h me to value your guitar.

Please re-read above and you’ll have the answer.

Here is a Gretsch Chet Atkins Tennessean , dating to December of , before the July Harmony Meteor H70 Thinline Archtop Electric Sunburst,

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Harmony Company models

Harmony was one of the most successful guitar makers in the USA, manufacturing most all of their guitars in Chicago during the peak years in the mid s. They made many types of stringed instruments, including ukuleles, acoustic and electric guitars, and violins. Founded in by Wilhelm Schultz a German immigrant from Hamburg. In their day, they made more guitars than all the other guitar makers combined. They made different models, for each style of guitar popular during their history.

Wilhelm Schultz, founder of Harmony on left with factory worker and manager.

It confirmed the dating of some guitars I have, with what I surmised to be their date of production. Most of the model numbers in the later 60’s have this Hxxx. These.

The Harmony Company of Illinois , United States , manufactured a wide variety of musical instruments which were popular during most of the 20th century. This article is devoted to documenting these instruments. Harmony’s model numbers consisted of an ‘H’ followed by a 2 to 4 digit number. The ‘H’ stood for the name of the company. Harmony hollow-body instruments were marked with inkstamps within the body of the instrument.

They were also date stamped using an ‘F’ for instruments manufactured during the first half of the year and an ‘S’ for those built in the second half, and a 2 digit year code. Harmony was an original equipment manufacturer OEM for several other brands, most notably Silvertone. The OEM models were typically very similar to Harmony instruments but with cosmetic differences e.

Pickups for almost all Harmony electric guitars and basses were manufactured by Rowe Industries in Toledo, Ohio, from the mid s until the closure of Harmony in the mid s. The Stratotone was a commercially successful family of solid body electric guitars which was produced from on. The headplate was adorned with a note symbol styled as an atom.

Guitar Rescue- 1940’s Harmony Archtop