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No need to be aggressive, but casually grab a channel where you think you would be most comfortable with. There are several seating patters typically used in gokon as below. The seating patterns are usually determined by the male girl at the point of arrival. But personally I prefer the pattern 1 which gives women to talk freely among themselves and gives women chance to observe the male interaction. The short coming of pattern 1 is that it rules the number of men to interact with, it is most natural to converse with the male who is sitting in front of you, and this is where your initial seating strategy becomes important. Since the main purpose of gokon is networking, group phone and business cards are the must haves. In some cases, formal exchange of business cards is more favored than exchanging phone numbers which may seem more private. It is surely easier for men to suggest exchange of business cards than to ask for phone numbers privately. Before you think of how to look attractive or sexy, be clean. For women, it is more favorable to smell like group than to smell chanel coco.

iPhones become ice-breakers at gokon dating parties

Matchmaking events helping people look beyond appearance. TOKYO — A company in Tokyo has given new meaning to the term “blind date,” and put a new twist on the country’s gokon , or matchmaking parties, where timid young Japanese are brought together in the hope of finding a soul mate. On a recent weekend afternoon, six men and women in their 20s and 30s nervously sat down together in a restaurant in Tokyo’s Shinjuku entertainment district. Just as they would at any other matchmaking party, initial nerves soon give way to chat and laughter once the drinks start flowing — the difference here, however, is that no one can see each other.

A company in Tokyo has given new meaning to the term “blind date,” and put a new twist on the country’s gokon, or matchmaking parties.

Finding your soul mate in big cities like Tokyo can be really challenging. In order to meet new people and if possible, the right one, Japanese people often go to Gokon. Here is everything you need to know about it. An equal number of men and women that have never met each others, gather to eat, drink and talk. The goal is to exchange contact and pair with the person you enjoy the most. A pretty simple concept.

This now adopted part of the culture is actually pretty recent. It was invented in the 70s, on Japanese University campuses. Students were organizing mixed parties to get to know people from the other sex. While originally being parties organized by people inviting friends so that they get to know each others, they are nowadays companies that specialize in Gokon.

You can specify information such as the age, hobbies and the salary of the people you want to meet…. There are several reasons why Gokon is popular in Japan. First, because of how much time they work, it is hard to meet new people after University. Gokon is a good way for them to meet new people in a relaxed way.

Looking for your Soul Mate in Japan? The Answer is Gokon: The Japanese Way of Blind Dating!

There are various cultural differences across each country across the globe. Then how about differences in the way we love? Dating and courting in Japan is uniquely different from other countries. In this article we will introduce how relationships differ in Japan.

Japanese dating party – How to get a good man. It is not easy for women Warwick, amplifiers, days and when you can be, compa or gokon, Let us in the.

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[Special Day] Dokidoki Gokon (Sogeting)

Konpa came into use during the Meiji Period , when it described a meal where university students would get together to strengthen mutual bonds and share the cost of food between them. It’s believed the variant term gokon was coined in the s. Despite all the mystery, gokon are actually little more than group blind or semi-blind dates.

It may be something as simple as three guy friends deciding to meet up with three girl friends for a drink.

Gokon a unique Japanese system for is an iPhone app to detect the intention of other person in the party through Voice..;).

Posted by: TokyoCherie on: July 15, Phase 2: Looking groovy for the party — no need to be sexy or beautiful, the most important thing is to look clean! Posted by: TokyoCherie on: March 23, The ultimate objective of the gokon, is to exchange the phone numbers so you can keep in touch with the person of your interest after the gokon. No matter what expectations the participants came here with, the ultimate objective, at least for the night is to exchange the phone number.

If you go home with the phone number, then you have succeeded the mission for the night of gokon. What happens after with the phone number, however, varies depending on each individual cases and actions. The books say, obviously, 5 where the guy asks a girl privately for her phone number. Here are the techniques found on the gokon guides on the internet. In in order to ask for her number smoothly and successfully, one must clarify the purpose of obtaining the phone number i.

Can I take you out sometime? So the safest would be to propose a get together with couple of people, perhaps the same participants of the gokon or other friends. Then you can actually ask her on a date after the gokon. Advice for women: How are women supposed to make the men initiate phone number exchange?

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Japanese culture from a bemused foreign perspective. Generally, a single guy and girl who know each other organise the compa in advance, each agreeing to bring 3 or 4 eligible friends. The venue is usually a restaurant, izakaya, or anywhere people can eat, drink and make a bit of noise. Both terms are commonly used and their meaning is basically the same.

For both women and parties, business casual is the most favorable way to dress for gokon. It is especially recommended for women to under-decorate.

Japan Glances. Even as Japanese are increasingly putting off matrimony, these events serve to provide young singles the chance to find potential marriage partners. Traditionally, social gatherings involving school friends were referred to by the formal-sounding shinbokukai student mixer. The term konpa , which derives from the English word company , developed among university students in the s as slang for similar events, taking on an aspect of group dating.

While there are no set rules for how many participate, equal-sized groups of three or four men and women are the norm. It is the job of the two kanji to gather participants, such as by inviting friends, classmates, members of their school club, coworkers, or others in their social circle. Seating at events is either mixed or with men on one side of the table and women on the other.

Once participants are in their places, everyone lifts their drink for the kanpai toast and then takes turns introducing themselves before beginning to socialize casually. If two participants hit it off, they may exchange contact information and set up a private date at another time. Often seasonally timed, these might be organized around an event such as hanami flower viewing in spring or a barbecue or other outdoor activity in summer. Other varieties of themed group dating include machikon , asakon , ranchikon , and shumikon.

There are even organizations supporting regionally-based mixers, such as miyakon in Utsunomiya, Tochigi Prefecture. Prior registration is required and there are often age specifications.

9 mistakes Japanese women make during group dates

Going to my first Gokon, I had no idea what to expect. One day, a Japanese mate called me up telling me to save a night to go out drinking with a bunch of cute girls. He insisted that it was an easier way to get to know Japanese girls when compared to going to a club or bar.

The Japanese term for “organized group dates.” Gokon are drinking parties where men and women can meet, get drunk, and get to know each.

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Has anyone been to a gokon party? How about a speed dating event? What about regular dating? If you’d like to share your dating stories for an upcoming.

Hello there, this is Chris as always. I was off on business last week, but I am sure you all managed without me. Today we will go over some tips on something that is pretty relevant to the site you are on, and that is matchmaking parties. Most people back home sneer at the idea of going to a matchmaking parties, but in Japan where most people spend their free time swamped in desk work or are not about the “bar scene”, they are a useful and accepted way of meeting someone.

Having been to a few myself, I can say that it takes a little while to get comfortable, but once you are in they are a lot of fun. They can take a lot of forms — one party may be a highly structured “speed dating” format, or they can be a more loose “party” where you can mingle with whoever you like. There are also “gokon” events where a roughly even amount of men and women head to an izakaya Japanese-style bar or restaurant and chat in an informal setting.

EXEO International hosts a variety of parties, so check around the site and sign up for one. So now that you’ve signed up, here are a few do’s for any matchmaking party you attend. So look nice dress up smell nice wear some deodorant! It’s simple advice, but you will improve your chances several times over. Again, I guarantee nothing, but these are some basic pieces of advice I have picked up over the years and I hope you can put them to good use.

Next week we will talk about what NOT to do during a party. Until next time!

The ugly truth of ‘gokon,’ Japan’s group blind dates

For Japanese women wanting to reduce their risk of having a terrible time, one magazine has put together a list of the top companies to avoid when it comes to lecherous guys at their drinking parties. Gokon are drinking parties where men and women can meet, get drunk, and get to know each other. The name comes from the Japanese words “godo” for “mixed” or “combination” and “konpa” which means an informal group meeting.

Everyone knows there’s something called gokon, otherwise known as a matchmaking party, in Japan. That is where small but equal numbers of.

Going on a date is exhilarating! But it can also be a little bit daunting. So why not go dating as a group? In Japan, the social practice of group dating has been going on for a while. Friends who have other single friends, ask them all along on a group blind date. There are some strict social conventions about how the night unfolds, but it can, by this report, get rather raucous! After meeting up in a Gokon , there is often a second round of meet ups with the same people, so that they can all get to know each other better.

Whilst you will eventually need to meet up one-to-one with a date to see if there really is a worthwhile connection between you both, meeting in groups is easier and less stressful. So, what if you could go to a website and be matched up with other singles who specifically match your type and go on a date you all agreed to?

What if you could invite your single friends along on every date!

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